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    • Talents

      Douson the talent as one of the core strategy of development of the company, focusing on the continuing education and training of employees, full use of various resources to provide staff with the best development platform to human management to help employees maximize self-worth.

    • Training and Development

      Douson staff as the most important asset. For each employee's specific circumstances, the use of targeted training courses, combined with external training and Douson  people help each other, learn from each other's tradition, so that each employee in the shortest possible time to be a comprehensive and systematic growth. Douson  through college training program, managers reserve plan, overseas staff rotation plan; internal instructors, technical experts group, external advisory groups

    • Salaries and benefits

      Douson implement competitive remuneration system. Through capacity-oriented evaluation system to determine the position of each level and standards of treatment, and as a staff promotion. The operations of the company on an annual basis, regional consumption levels, competition and other factors surrounding a planned, sustainable adjusting staff salary. Through a comprehensive performance evaluation (KPI) system, to achieve annual short-term incentive and share coexist

    • Colorful Life

      Douson through internal magazine, science and technology magazine, the internal network platform, the company will deliver timely news and information to each employee. Regularly organized games, painting games, basketball, singing up to people, student activity, people long-distance running and other activities to attract all levels of staff participation, stimulate employee enthusiasm and team spirit, enhance the company's internal cohesion, creating the atmosphere of the company, such as home .