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    Orbital Ball Valve

    Technical parameters:



    Design standard:API 6D/ASME B16.34

    Ends Connection:ASME B16.5

    End-to-End:ASME B16.10

    Feature: Straight through flow, trunnion, top-entry

    Seal Type: Metal seal

    Materials: body WCB, trims F316,stem 17-4PH,sealing face STL

    Applicable conditions :oil, chemical, urban water supply and drainage, such as strict cut-off working conditions

    Structure features:

    ◇No frictions between the sealing surface: When Open the valve, first stem will lift to separate the ball and seat, then drive the ball rotate to the open position; When close the valve, stem will rotate the ball without contacting the seat, then stem goes down to push the ball strictly press to the seat.

    ◇Top-entry design, valve internal trims replace and maintenance can be done by dismounting bonnet, no need to dismount the entire valve from the pipeline.

    ◇Single seat design, eliminate the safety issues caused by the medium abnormal pressure-up.

    ◇Low-torque design: Valve can be easily open or close by a handwheel because special designed stem.

    ◇Wedge sealing structure: The valve is sealed by the mechanic force of stem to push the ball wedge pressure to the seat, so the sealing performance will not be affected by differential pressure change in the pipeline to ensure the reliability of all kinds of working conditions.

    ◇Sealing facet self-cleaning structure: When ball is away from seat, flow in the pipeline will go through ball sealing facet by 360°evenly, not only eliminate the high-speed flow washing to the seat, but also flush the accumulations.

    ◇Emergency grease injection structure: Emergency grease injected will be adopted by Stem stuffing equipped with injector to control the fugitive emission.

    ◇Sealing face welding hard alloy: Orbital Ball Valve have good performance of sealing and long service life in strict working conditions.

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