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    TEBM -G Series Low Temperature Corrosion Resistant Top Entry Fixed Ball Valve

    Technical parameters/ specification:

    Design standard:  API6D/API6A、ASME B16.34

    Connect method:  ASME B16.5、API6A、ASME B16.25

    Structural length:  ASME B16.10、API6D、API6A

    Inspection and testing:  API6D、API598、API6A

    Size range:  1/2" ~ 24"

    Pressure :  CL150 ~ CL2500, 2000psi ~ 20000psi

    Temperature :  -105℃ ~ 425℃

    The valve material: Inconel 625

    Sealing form: metal hard seal

    Drive mode: gear box

    Optional drive mode: handle, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and other

    Structure features:

    1. Top entry ball valve can be easily and quickly uninstalled from the pipelines, making easier repair of it. As it gets problem, it can be repaired without being uninstalled from the pipelines; only the following steps are needed—remove the nuts and bolts of the mid-flange, take out the bonnet-stem combination, and then take out the ball-seat combination. The simple repair of it saves time and lessens the loss in production to the lowest.
    2. The raw material is Inconel 625 stainless steel, which is of very excellent anti-corrosion capacity to various corrosiveness mediums in oxidation and reduction condition.
    3. The valve stem is sealed with Saint-Gobain combinational packing sealing; the upper is metal sealing ring, the middle is the Saint-Gobain special plastic sealing ring, and the lower is the U-shaped spring. External pressure will push the spring, expanding the sealing ring to seal.
    4. The ball and the seat is sealed with PEEK soft sealing. The seat and the body is sealed with Saint-Gobain Lip-seal-- U-shaped spring plus plastic sealing ring.
    5. The sealing face between the ball and the seat is spray welded with STL.6, well enhancing the hardness and wearresistance of it. The top and bottom supports are pained with tungsten carbide to enhance hardness and wearresistance.
    6. The stem is adopted with electrostatic prevention structure; between the ball and the stem, between the stem and the gland are installed electrostatic prevention ball and spring, ensuring the conductive continuity of the ball, the stem and the body; thus static electricity (produced in on-off of the ball and stem) is leaded to the ground, avoiding fire accident and explosion by static electricity.
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