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    High class pound globe valve

    Standard: ASME B16.34 or GB12224

    Main part material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel



    Specification: nominal diameter: 2"-6"

                             nominal pressure: 900lb-2500lb

    Temperature range: carbon steel: ≤425℃ alloy steel: ≤595℃ stainless steel: ≤540℃


    1. It is widely used in high temperature, high pressure working system;

    2. Inner cavity is adopted with pressure-self-tightening seal form;

    3. Inner cavity is sealed with stainless steel sealing ring ;

    4. Inverted sealing surface is directly processed on stuffing box;            

    5. Valve seat is welded or processed directly on valve body, and the sealing surface is over-lay welded with hard Co alloy or Cr13 alloy;

    6. Mode of operation: hand wheel, gear transmission, electric.


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