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    Cast Steel Check Valve

    Technical  parameter: 

    Design standard :ASME B16.34、API 6D、API 594 、BS 1868、GB/T 12236

    Connection type :ASME  B16.5、ASME B16.25

    Structure length :API 6D 、ASME B16.10

    Inspection and test :API 6D 、API 598

    Size:2″~ 48″

    Pressure:CL150 ~ CL2500

    Body material: carton steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, WCB、WC6、WC9、CF3、CF8、CF3M、CF8M

    Structure feature:

    ◆The Products designed and manufactured can meet the domestic and foreign standards and reliable sealing, excellent performance

    ◆The Surfacing seal with STL.6 hard alloy can prevent from damaging effectively

    ◆ The flange connection type is bolt . The cavity seal of CL900 valve is metal seal ring and less than CL900 of it is flexible graphite gasket with metal winding.

    ◆Using the various domestic and international standard of pipe flanges and flange sealing surface type to meet a variety of projects and user requirements.

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