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    Currently personal engaged in designing, manufacturing:
    Research & Design Department has more than 100 staff in total, mainly focusing on designing power station valves and Petrochemical refinery valves.
    Inspections include: Ultrasonic detection, Coloring test, Hardness testing, Magnetic particle detection, Spectroscopy, NDT, etc.
    Product designing and manufacturing strictly accords with ISO9001, 2008 Quality Assurance System, APIQ1 Standard Specifications and terms of contract with certified people.
    Such products designed by the company have acquired Certificate of Jiangsu Province High-tech Product, as cryogenic metal-to-metal bellow ball valve, cryogenic metal-to-metal long-neck gate valve, high sealing and ultra-high pressure soft seal ball valve, high erosion-resistance and ultra- high pressure metal-to-metal ball valve.